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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


(Ruby Gill)

From Pietermaritzburg, a dazzling new gem has been discovered and with the help of Greg Carlin (Zebra & Giraffe), is ready to make her mark on the South African music industry.

“Working with Ruby on these tracks has been such a satisfying experience for me. She’s a fantastic songwriter and musician, but most importantly has a unique style and voice that sets her apart from the crowd. It was also fun to push her into new spaces, sonically and performance wise, and get the results I wanted. I’m excited for everyone to hear these tracks and the rest of the album we’re working on!” says Greg Carlin

Already launched in 2016, Winter was the debut offering from Ruby Gill. Fresh off her debut performance at the largest music festival in South Africa – Oppikoppi, Ruby Gill has launched her two-part follow-up, Fault / Missing in Japan.

The dark, angst ridden energy of Fault is shaped by pulsing synths and intricate percussion. The song fills the room with self-realization, a profound understanding of the fullness and darkness of relationships, and hints at a feminist stand that all young women need to take.

Missing in Japan is the stripped, skeletal answer to Fault, an exploration of the catastrophic tsunami in Japan (2011) in music, and the relative tsunami of a breakup (2015) in lyrics. The flowing, complex piano provides the undercurrent to a story of longing and loss, and how to take back control when everything around you comes crashing down. Harmonies and silvery synths ebb and flow around the song's core.

These singles are the first of what promises to be a heart tearing, foot tapping, epiphany inducing debut album from the quirky songwriter. Ruby Gill's honest and beautifully woven lyricism, harmonies and effortless musical expertise will be the soundtrack to this generation's attempt at adulting, with all the lightness, and heaviness, of human folly.

Fault debuted on KFM and 947 on August 13, 2016.