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Friday, October 14, 2016


(Desiree Naidoo, Thiru Reddy, Melanie Kisten, Keelan Govender. On floor: Bhavanie Naidoo & Kubeshan Naidoo. Pic  by Ryan B Photography)

The Melanie Kisten Dance Academy’s smash hit Kambakht Ishq is back with its signature scintillating, mesmerizing, scorching and vibrant dances. It will run at the iZulu Theatre at Sibaya on October 22 and 23.

Conceived, produced and choreographed by the Melanie Kisten, Kambakht Ishq 3 (loosely translated as “Damn Love”) tells the story of love, infidelity and reconciliation as lived by a host of distinctly Chatsworth characters complimented by dynamic and vibrant choreography is bound to keep the audience spellbound.

Kambakht Ishq 3 is a dance and drama production and marks the 20th year of The Melanie Kisten Dance Academy.

The story is based around two best friends, one of who is bored in his marriage and the other who is couple of bob short of a rand! They confide into each other about their unhappiness in their lives until one day one of them suddenly finds a way to cure his boredom and invites trouble into his life when he gets the idea of meeting a “Hot babe” via social media. He is tricked into believing that he can have his bread buttered on both sides by having found another relationship “outside his marriage” and having his friend always cover his tracks, but only to find out that his perfect life is about to turn upside down when he finds out that his wife also has some hidden agendas....

The Melanie Kisten Dance Academy trains students in a number of dance forms, and produces and participates in major performing arts projects. Principal Melanie Kisten has created a comedy dance showcase with a strong narrative as a platform to showcase the talent of her dancers and the skills of her associates in a cast that includes a host of talented newcomers.

The cast features Thiru Reddy, Melanie Kisten, Desiree Kisten, Bhavanie Kisten, Bivash Mahabeer, Keelan Govender and Kubeshan Naidoo

Kambakht Ishq 3 has performances October 22 and 23 at the iZulu Theatre, Sibaya. Tickets R100 booked at Computicket or contact 083 235 1207 for further information.