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Monday, November 7, 2016


(Thobile Mbanjwa Thul’ Uzobona)

On November 7 and 8 at the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music, third year African Music and Dance students will present their final public exit examination recitals. The exam is open to the audience and takes place from 11h00 to 15h00 on both days.

You can look forward to witnessing each one playing four different African instruments including umakhweyana bow, timbila xylophones, percussion, Maskandi guitar, mbira DzaVadzimu and Mbira Nyunganyunga. In addition to playing various African instruments, the recital programs will have traditional dances including the popular Zulu Umzansi and isishemeni styles, and choral/vocal items including isicathamiya and umshado, wedding songs. There are also items of modern dance.

The highlights in each 30-45 minute recital are original compositions and choreographies plus arrangements by each of the 10 students. Some of things to look forward to include Sithwele Kanzima a composition by Philani Thabethe and percussion composition Badlala abafana by Ayanda Dlamini.

Each student has coined their own recital theme which ties together the items they will present. The schedule over the two days is as follows:

November 7:
1. Siyanda Gumede “The Music Library” (11h00)
2. Sakhile Mbokazi “Drums of Africa” (11h40)
3. Thulisiwe Mdakane “The Beauty of Africa and its Nature” (12h20)
4. Sandile Fakude “An African behaviour” (13h00)
5. Philani Thabethe “Religion, Culture is Africa’s Strength” (13h40)

November 8:
1. Thandeka Cele “The Beauty of African Cultures” (11h00)
2. Zanele Gwabaza “Arts of A Woman (UBUCIKO BENTOMBI)  (11h45)
3. Ayanda Dlamini “Africa Unite” (12h30)
4. Thobile Mbanjwa Thul’ Uzobona” (13h15)
5. Philisiwe Fakude “The sound of art in Africa” (14h00)

Dr  Patricia Opondo, the module co-ordinator for the African Music and Dance Program added that, "The third year exit exam recitals are an exciting culmination of three years creative growth of our students under the guidance of a dedicated teaching team. I'm grateful and proud of the professional quality of the recitals over the years, and wish our graduating team success in their careers" 

Head for the Centre for Jazz on November 7 and 8 from 11h00 to 15h00. There is no cover charge. For more details contact Thuli on 031 260 3385 or email or Dr P.A Opondo on email: