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Sunday, April 9, 2017


(Robz Millar makes her harmonica debut!)

Enjoyable toe-tapping evening from company that deserves much encouragement (Review by Caroline Smart)

Last night was spent in the company of good friends enjoying a toe-tapping line-up of well-known numbers in a show titled Radio of Yesterday – A Blast from the Past. Presented by Spotlight Productions, it features songs by Billy Joel, ABBA, Shania Twain, Bon Jovi, Oasis, to name a few.

Directed by Sharon Watters, who also appears in the show, this was the production’s second and final weekend in the New Germany Sports Club.

The cast included Caeley van Doorn, who was the leading member of the ensemble, Tyron Cathey, the diminutive Shonan de Speville, Sharon Ditchburn and guitarist/vocalist Robz Millar.

Tall and imposing, van Doorn is a genial entertainer whose movement skills came to the fore. She also showed her range in Proud Mary by starting off calmly and then going “rough”! Sexy movements created much amusement in The Way You Make Me Feel!

Tyron Cathey impressed from his first song, Hello Dolly, and then went on to do justice to several numbers including a Buddy Holly medley, Piano Man and 500 Miles.

Shonan de Speville )a cowboy hat increasing her height!) gave a good rendition of some Country and Western songs – my favourites were Honey, I’m Home and That Don’t Impress Me Much”

While mainly in the backing vocals, Sharon Ditchburn also had her turn to shine and I enjoyed her duo with Robz Millar. They went on to accompany a hilarious wild redheaded bewigged Cathey in Brown Eyed Girl, with Millar leading the lyrics.

A gifted musician and singer, Robz Millar is an undeniable talent to watch. She uses three guitars in the show and her solo on the acoustic guitar, Wonder Wall, was beautifully presented. She also makes her debut on the harmonica with Cathey in Piano Man.

Watters appeared a few times in the backing line-up but came into her own with a feisty performance with Sharon Ditchburn of Bathroom on the Right (the parody of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon Rising)

The venue was tastefully hung with white drapes which also formed a backdrop to the small stage. Spotlighting was augmented by disco imagery. I did feel that the stage could have done with a little more dressing – perhaps a few coloured drapes, hanging stars or music symbols?

Barring some off-key glitches and moments when the backing tracks overpowered the performers, the show was highly enjoyable and the audience loved every moment.

Spotlight Productions deserves all support in their endeavours. This is not a healthy climate for the arts at the moment and those who are “getting out there and making it happen” are to be encouraged. Spotlight will be doing another show later in the year and in the meantime are involved in a couple of fundraisers. This is an excellent choice for fundraising entertainment as it appeals to all ages. For more information contact Sharon on 082 997 0709 or – Caroline Smart