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Thursday, May 25, 2017


(Derosha Moodley, Yogeshan Pillay, Rory Booth, Maeshnie Naicker, Adam Dore, Raeesa Mahomed, M, Kirthi Nepaul, Bianca Francis, Goonam Pillay. Kneeling: Hamish Kyd)

Currently broadcasting (from May 22) at 09h45 from Mondays to Fridays and then repeated Monday to Thursday at 21h30 and Friday at 20h45 on Lotus FM is Bottled Up, a drama written by Samantha Govender and directed by Raeesa Mahomed.

Lotus FM continues to produce high quality dramas that are of relevance to its audience and at the same time fulfils its public broadcasting mandate of addressing important social issues. “Our dramas are, most importantly, entertaining- never overly didactic- but at the same time they inform and educate,” says the station’s drama producer, Raeesa Mahomed.

Bottled Up centres on the story of a woman seeking comfort in a bottle of alcohol for dealing with the loss of her baby and then becomes an addiction that is very difficult to beat. Her life slowly unravels until she is forced to face her demons.

The drama is written by local theatre personality Samantha Govender and directed by Raeesa Mahomed. It features a cast of up and coming actors as well as known and established voices like Maeshnie Naicker, Derosha Moodley and Rory Booth.

“It is a short series of 20 episodes and will then be followed by Lotus FM’s annual Shakespeare production. The station produces the matric Shakespeare setwork as a radio drama which has been translated into modern English. This year it’s Hamlet, but more about that next time,” adds Mahomed.