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Monday, July 17, 2017


Coming up on the DStv Crime & Investigation Channel (170):

Stalker Season: Every Wednesday in July at 20h00. July 19 features Killer Coach. Butting heads with her head coach and mother, swimming phenomenon Samantha Morgan is being pushed to the brink. But when her mum brings in a new Assistant Coach to ensure her daughter wins trials, their athlete/coach relationship crosses the line.

Intervention: Codependent: Tuesdays at 20h50. Tomorrow (July 18) will be Alex & Paige. Paige and Alex are in a drug-fuelled, corrosive relationship. With drug charges pending, Alex's only hope of staying out of jail is getting clean, but first he must combat his most dangerous addiction: Paige.

24 To Life: Tuesdays from July 18 at 20h00. This follows soon-to-be prisoners on their final day before being incarcerated. Facing a long-term sentence, it’s their chance to right their wrongs, embrace their final hours of freedom, and say their goodbyes. This series follows two subjects per hour as they are about to embark on their prolonged sentence. The premiere episode Shadow Of Shame features Stephanie, who broke the trust of her entire family. Now, she has 24 hours to repair the relationships she destroyed. Meanwhile, Tressie, ashamed by the sordid details of her crime, must make amends with her teenage son.