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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Write to Right is a specialised short interactive writing course which is being offered by two leading Durban-based creative thinkers - a physician Laura Campbell and an artist / theologian, Bernice Stott - as a vehicle to encourage healing and wellbeing.

“We are offering this course for anyone who would like to find healing through the art of writing or those who want to write about loss, love, and life’s challenges,” explains physician and writer Laura Campbell. “Writing keeps us healthy. It can prevent an illness occurring, progressing or recurring. Writing finds personalized meanings in times of change, struggle, loneliness, loss and illness,”

Write to Right will be facilitated jointly by Laura Campbell and Bernice Stott. It is an affordable, nine session, weekly, small-group, bespoke writing course to explore the discipline of writing as catharsis. The course offers an unusual opportunity of linking the creative art of writing to the science of wellness. By the completion of the course, participants will have created a meaningful piece of writing and will have gained understanding into the neurosciences involved in writing and in health.

The course takes place from August 8 to October 3, 2017, in Westville. For more information, or to book contact or / 031 209 8436.