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Thursday, September 14, 2017


Photographer Harry Lock began a project in 2014, taking pictures of actors, artists, directors and technicians at play.

This year sees the full extent of this magnificent portrait exhibition titled Out of Character.

Lock began the project in 2014 when he took portraits of the participants at the Hilton Arts Festival and exhibited the photographs at the festival the following year. This year, visitors will be able to see the portraits made during the festival in 2016, as well as a selection of portraits from previous years.

These spontaneous portraits give the viewer a glimpse of the performers out of character and off stage.

“I hope that these photographs will become a record of some of the actors, musicians, artists and the many people working behind the scenes to bring this event to the public every year.”

The accompanying photographs are Harry Lock himself; Evan Roberts, musician extraordinaire, who performs this year in A Nightingale Sang; Michael Broderick, lighting designer, responsible for the festival's technical team; Rowan Bartlett, singer in the music revue, Tie Another Knot in It; Andrew Buckland, actor, who stars in the award winning The Inconvenience of Wings.

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