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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


(Agnese Eglina)

A truly interesting and enjoyable recital. (Review by Barbara Trofimczyk)

The Friends of Music recital on October 3 at the Durban Jewish Club was given by the Latvian pianist Agnese Eglina.

Described as an “invitation to dance”, the programme consisted of an unusual, seemingly odd and diverse collection of music relating to dance, in a good balance of known and unknown works

This is not music for dancing as in ballet music, but rather stylised compositions that use characteristic dance rhythms as inspiration to create music to perform on the piano.

Dating from the Baroque era, (Bach), and romantic period (Grieg) to more contemporary (20th century) works, there was plenty of opportunity for the soloist to display her versatile and musically captivating, if occasionally eccentric, approach to the piano. Her amazing range of sound from the softest, expressive pianissimo to the vigorous and powerful forte was always couched in meaningful, musical phrasing and stylistic interpretation, constantly drawing attention to the finer details of the score. Her prodigious technique came in very useful in interpreting the music by Ginastera, Gershwin and Piazzolla, making the clashing dissonances in the textures sound fantastic, and the rhythmic complexities very exciting.

It turned out to be a truly interesting and enjoyable recital, also entertaining when, in the Libertango by Piazzolla, she added a further dimension to the instrument by plucking the strings and beating out rhythms on the wooden lid.

The Prelude Performer on this occasion was 15 year old pianist, Ethan Mackensie. - Barbara Trofimczyk

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