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Tuesday, October 3, 2017


The annual KMSDT Outreach Creative Camp is a week-long, residential, event for up to 50-80 talented individuals from schools and outreach groups.  This is the follow up workshops after the KwaSuka School Festival happened in June 2017.

The week includes workshops in rhythm, understanding the body, music and piece combination and selection, co-ordination, choreography, teaching techniques and final showcase.

“This year we have included the basic language of movement in Drama, the fine Art and Music in dance. During the camps, students learn the importance and values of the discipline and dedication to dance training seven hours a day.  The Camps also focus on building the confidence and life skills of talented, but vulnerable and marginalized young in KZN,” says Vusi Makhanya, founder of KMSDT

The output will be showcasing several styles to the community of the area by hosting friends and families of the participants on the last day of the camp while the outcomes will be around opening talk access and growing audience development.

KwaMashu School of Dance Theatre, founded in 2004, is acknowledged as KwaMashu’s leading contemporary Dance Theatre Company. It is renowned, internationally and locally, as a company that influences and preserves the arts through the youth development, choreography and dance performance in KwaZulu-Natal.  KMSDT’s distinguished, home-grown methodology ensures that strong technique is matched by a uniquely South African philosophy of dance which reflects the diverse political, cultural and historical heritage. KMSDT’s uses dance as a transformation tool to integrate social awareness and cultural inclusiveness that embodies the nature of South Africa’s Bill of Rights. 

These opportunities of socio-economic and historical inclusion give youth, irrespective of their arts background, a fair and equitable chance to reach their full potential in dance. By welcoming diverse dancers from all historical backgrounds and focusing solely on developing talent, KMSDT shapes and liberates a resplendent tapestry of prodigious creative and critical performances over the past 11 years.

In order to enhance and deepen the 13 year-old legacy of the KMSDT, the focus is on building the technical and creative capacity of trainees and dancers through education and training, skills development, skills transfer and job creation for economic sustainability of artists through an orchestrated network of support.

KMSDT is located at the Sport Centre KwaMashu in Durban and conducts its programmes throughout the province, across the country and internationally. The three-pronged programme will be geographically extended to increase the awareness and interest that results in opening pathways to the arts market that develops audiences and proliferates funding in arts, dance and theatre. This model enhances the sustainability of KMSDT through collaboration with community or non-profit organisations and artists within this sector.

KwaMashu School of Dance Theatre 2017 Summer Dance Camp is made possible by National Art Council with eThekwini Sport and Recreation