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Sunday, November 26, 2017


Once again, Westville Theatre Club is staging its end of year panto.

Producing Cinder-Ella and her Fella is Mervin Lowe who, in 2015, produced and directed Sleeping Beauty in 21st Century, and in 2016, produced Heroes and Friends – the Sort of Real Adventures of Robin Hood.

Take a pretty damsel in the form of Ella and make her work like a slave around the house. Throw in a soccer-mad stablehand friend to comfort her. Stir in a stepmother with two not so pretty stepsisters. Obviously there is a prince, who doesn’t necessarily follow protocol and has a sidekick (the palace soccer coach) to switch identities with when he wants to be free. The normal castle staff fill in the gaps, such as the king and queen, the heralds, the chamberlain, a few chorus girls to brighten up the place, a shoe salesman, Ella’s father – the baron, a few mice, a mirror, a horse and a pumpkin and you’re left with a tale of wonder that only an on-the-ball fairy godmother can pull together.

The musical numbers, accompanied by a live band, are from 60’s to current hits.

Shows run from November 30 to December 3 and again from December 6 to 9, 2017, at Westville Theatre Club (adjacent to Westville Swimming Pool). Doors open at 19h00, curtains up at 19h30. Matinees on December 2 and 3 with doors open at 13h30, curtains up at 14h00.

NB: There is no evening show on December 3.

Tickets R80 for all shows (book a table of 8 and pay for 7), but for matinees, tickets R50 for students and pensioners. Bring your own eats and drinks.

To book, contact Kerry on 083 342 3650 or 031 762 2524 or email: