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Sunday, November 26, 2017


(Zeph Nzama: Photo: Give Thanks Communications)

Izinyembezi - the newly released single by Zeph Nzama - is starting to make waves in local music circles, ahead of the planned release in February 2018 of the popular Durban showbiz personality’s first album.

With its mix of Afro-Beat, Jazz and traditional Mbaqanga genres, the single’s strong appeal to a wide range of enthusiasts is easily explained, especially as it also embraces the exciting international imprint of a distinctive Congolese sound.

Nzama said that in putting together his forthcoming album, he has given his music an upbeat message, while he has also sought to express his confusion and sadness over the widespread spirit of suffering that prevails among Africa’s people. Through his music - as through his widely admired stage shows  (Talking Spirits, Long Journey The Musical, Happiness Through The Mist, Women in Singing, Man and The Earth, Phathizwe, and Why), Nzama asks: What has happened to our spirit of Ubuntu?

Alongside Nzama, Izinyembezi (meaning ‘Tears’) also features the voice of Sheila da Blue (Sheila Mkhize) on backing vocals, with musos Patrick Kapenga, Gauthier, Hubert Mutumwema (producer) and Bambala Merika.

Nzama’s Izinyembezi single will be available on ITUNES. For more information, call 072 537 5430, or email