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Wednesday, December 6, 2017


The Grand Opening of the new Woza Moya shop in Hillcrest takes place on December 9 at 10h00 at the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust.

The opening ceremony with a beautiful blessing takes place at 10h00 and the shop will be open until 15h00.

The shop invites one and all to come and support the project. On offer will be a small Christmas market of handmade goods made by favourite local crafters. Singing and dancing will be provided by The Young Mbazo choir, Milton Chissano and the Woza Moya Crafter choir. Also a poem about a chair that inspired a shop.

There will be tea and cake and beautiful crafts, indigenous plants and Christmas decorations on sale.

The Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust is situated at 26 Old Main Road, Hillcrest

For more information contact Paula Thomson on 031 765 5866 or or visit