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Wednesday, December 6, 2017


(Marke Meyer’s bronze piece “State of Grace” and “Charcoal sketch 1” by David Hadaway)

State of Grace is the title of a bronze and charcoal exhibition opening at Imbizo Gallery in Ballito tomorrow (Thursday) December 7.

The event sees an exquisite pairing of two well-known artists using two very different mediums to express their creativity from the same reference material!

Marke Meyer is essentially a poet having abandoned the pen for bronze. His titles are lines from his poetry and are always etched into every piece. He is also an art photographer. Meyer’s preference when working in the original clay piece is to use models – working directly from life. When this is not possible he uses his own photographic reference material. And it is this photographic material that he has shared with artist David Hadaway for this upcoming exhibition entitled State of Grace.

Hadaway’s style ranges from realistic to impressionistic. Predominantly a wildlife artist, he has a deep-rooted love for African flora and fauna. He is also passionate about painting landscapes and figurative paintings. And for this exhibition, his pieces are purely figurative. Hadaway took on the challenge to sketch in charcoal. The result sees works of incredible lightness and movement which mirror Meyer’s bronzes exquisitely.

Meyer has the ability to catch the figure in frenetic movement or caught at rest – a moment in time. His bronze pieces, despite the weight of the medium, appear light and ‘floaty’ – oftentimes literally suspended from the ceiling. Hadaway’s charcoal sketches echo this.

Their work will be exhibited at Imbizo Gallery which is situated in the beautifully refurbished Lifestyle Centre in Ballito.

All art lovers and collectors are welcome to join these two uniquely individual artists for a glass of wine and snacks at the opening on December 7 at 18h00 which will be opened by effervescent actress Barbie Meyer. Both artists will be in attendance.

The exhibition will run until January 31, 2018. Call Isabel on 083 567 5973 for further details.

The Imbizo Art Gallery is situated at Shop 7a at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre, next to Beira Alta. More information on 032 946 1937 or visit