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Monday, May 14, 2018


(Creative Junkies Foundation & Don Brer. Photo Jarred Leroy Camp)

The Durban creatives bridging the gap for their peers

Creative Junkies Foundation (CJF) is working hard behind the Durban creative scenes to build a creative community that will not only be nationally recognised but financially stable in this hustle of a creative world.

Jarred Leroy Camp is the innovative mind behind the foundation that he started in 2015. Alongside Sibusisiwe Chibambo (Director) and Cameron Somerset Trehaeven (Studio Producer and Engineer at Don Brer Studios) they began to develop a network in Durban that serves creative people of all kinds with a number of services. From up-skilling youth with work experience to providing equipment; assistance in entrepreneurial needs; and to become a local catalogue source for potential employers to sift through. “We are unique,” says Camp, “no categorisation according to race or gender, we’re just trying to teach the youth that only one hand can wash the other: ‘Izandla iziyaghezana’.”

In 2016, CJF was able to utilise the property of the Don Brer Studios in Glenmore and that is where Creative Junkies Foundation is situated. CJF has developed and created a platform for the Durban Youth to express their creative ideas, concepts, thoughts and plans. The space is free for people to mingle and discuss future business plans and goals as well as small minor jobs that they used to help initiate. Members of CTF can branch into clothing design, music production, graphic design – all creative options are open.

The first job that CTF obtained was with Two Tone Advertising activation in Ballito for 5 Star Cadbury Chocolate. February 2018 Creative Junkies Foundation was given the opportunity from Benchmark Consulting Pty Ltd and The Department of Rural Development (Eastern Cape). There they trained six learners from the Mnambithi TVET College from the Eastern Cape. CTF have gone on to work big jobs such as Ballito Pro 17 ( Cadbury 5 star activation), mural painting at Splashy Fen Music Festival in ‘17 and ’18, The KZNSA Gallery BUZZART Mural ’17,  Muralist for First National Bank’s Dusi with Johnson work wear.  “Some organizations have blessed us without knowing about our movement, for example The KZNSA mural payment helped pay for the foundation’s website domain.”

“Outsourcing and Freelance work is the ideology that is sweeping the labour market and finding employment is not as easy as it used to be.” Whether one is qualified or not, CTF want to embrace young entrepreneurs and help them to build their own brands and identities.

Creative Junkies have several activations and projects lined up. On June 16, they are planning on assisting Avoca Gallery in having a Youth Exhibition of all arts. They are open to painting murals for any organisation that may need one, or do pro-bono events and more!

For more information contact Jarred Leroy Camp on 065 255 4301.