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Sunday, August 5, 2018


St Anne’s Diocesan College will be presenting site-specific performance programme in its Interhouse Theatre 2018 which will take place at 10h00 on August 14 and 15, 2018.

Lyn Chemaly, Theatre director at St. Anne's Diocesan College, explains:

“The challenges of having our theatre venue under construction has given us the wonderful opportunity to pursue alternative spaces for theatre performance at the College.

For Interhouse Theatre 2018, I have challenged the girls to create a more avant-garde style of performance, in the form of site-specific theatre. Site-specific theatre is any type of theatrical production designed to be performed at a unique, specially adapted location other than that of a standard theatre. This specific site either may be originally built without any intention of serving theatrical purposes (for example, a courtyard, park or building), or may simply be considered an unconventional theatre space (for example, in a forest or round a pool). Site-specific theatre is commonly more interactive than conventional theatre with the expectation of audience members to walk, stand and move about, or be unusually placed in the space, rather than just to sit still. The purpose of site-specific performance is not to transpose classical theatre performance into a new setting, but to fully utilise the space so that it is a participant in the overall theatrical experience.”

The 2018 Interhouse Theatre productions will be performed in site-specific spaces. Six sites have been chosen on the school campus and each house has been allocated one of these sites as their unique performance arena. The challenge of the theatre making exercise for the girls is to use their site to its best advantage in order to create a dynamic, dramatic piece of performance. Due to the nature of the sites on the College grounds, and the schools’ rich history, the Form 5 Drama leaders have been given the inspiration theme of Roots: past into present. This encourages them to start exploring their sites by looking at any aspect of their school, personal or cultural history.

Because of the Hilton winter, the site-specific Interhouse Theatre programme will be performed during the academic school day. It promises to be an exciting and unique theatrical experience for both the performers and the audience.

2018 Interhouse Theatre’s site-specific programme will take place at St Anne’s Diocesan College on August 14 and 15 at 10h00 starting at Tennis Court 2.

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