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Monday, September 17, 2018


Caliente was for me one of the stand-out shows on the 2018 Hilton Festival. (Review by Barry Meehan)

Whoever first came out with the line “White Men Can’t Dance” has obviously never seen the Big Boys – Ash and Brad Searle. Man, these two brothers can dance! As can the three ladies in the cast – Vanessa Harris, Nicole van den Bergh and the awesome Emily Isted, who gets thrown around by the brothers in some incredible dance sequences.

So what exactly is “Caliente”? Well, according to Vanessa Harris, who comperes the show, it means “sexy hot”. And that’s exactly what this show is, in spades. There’s really no way to describe it but as a mad mix of music (with some brilliant vocals by Liam McDermott), mariachis, mirth, movement and mayhem. It doesn’t follow any format, and has no story line, but throws one crazy sequence after another at the audience. In the programme blurb, it is described as comedy, dance and music. Expect nothing more.

This is one of those shows where all the audience can do is sit back and admire pure talent, enthusiasm and stage expertise. Comedy features strongly, with one of my favourite sequences being the three old men with the transistor radio – very cleverly put together. Special mention must also be made of the lighting, which is superb, especially in the dance sequences, with strong single-colour downlighting adding to the dramatic feel.

Caliente was for me one of the stand-out shows on the Hilton Festival. More power to FollowSpot Productions. Bring us more of the Big Boys, and more madcap shows like Caliente! - Barry Meehan