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Monday, October 22, 2018


This year’s Reddam House Umhlanga Senior Prep production is entitled The Time Travellers Club. It has been written and directed by Prep School Drama teacher and well-known actor, Lyle Buxton. It is inspired by the classic Back to the Future trilogy.

The story follows a group of high school friends who use time travel devices to journey into the past to experience all the great music from different decades. The group of stereotypical characters, influenced by the classic film The Breakfast Club, then find themselves in a twisted alternate reality after the school bully, Griff, steals a time travel device and changes history to empower his family. The Time Travellers Club then have to travel back to the past to prevent Griff’s ancestors from changing history.

The show features hit songs such as Thriller, Hey Jude, Dancing Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, Hit Me Baby One More Time, Footloose and many more …. as well as characters such as Doc Brown, Elvis, The Spice Girls, Madonna and more, all performed by the talented students from the Senior Prep.

The Time Travellers Club runs from October 23 to 25 with performances as follows:
October 23 at 18h00 (Cinema style seating)
October 24 and 25 (Supper Theatre seating)

Ticket sales through Reddam House on 031 566 5736. Reddam House Umhlanga is situated at 21A Preston Drive, Prestondale, Umhlanga.