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Monday, December 10, 2018


(Sir Roel Twijnstra & Sibongiseni Shezi)

In the last two years, the acting department of AFDA Durban under the leadership of Sir Roel Twijnstra, has grown into an important tertiary education institute that prepares stage and screen actors for the industry.

The acting department is growing and has during its third-year BA course already links with the industry through TV series like Uzalo and Imbewu and cultural centres in KZN like K-CAP and Wushwini.

AFDA partners as well with KickstArt, the Playhouse and Twist projects. Its motto is to bring the industry to AFDA and AFDA to the industry. The focus of AFDA Durban is on screen acting - it developed a three-year screen acting course which is now also implemented in the other AFDAs in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape-Town.

The stage actors produce innovative, new and strong work as show on the AFDA Graduation festival in November in the Playhouse.  Entrepreneurship and branding are at the centre of AFDA Durban.

(Sibongiseni Shezi & Jake Lenferna de la Motte)

The AFDA Durban awards were announced on December 1, 2018. Best actors for stage are: Sibongiseni Shezi and Thokosiza Ziqubu for their roles in Open Wide a new play from Kobus Moolman. Both of them are recently casted in Uzalo and some independent film producers in KZN.

The Screen awards went to Kuena Khama, Tamlyn Prosser and Khangisani Maziobuko for their roles in the AFDA Graduation films that were shown on November 24 in the Gateway cinemas. Jade Millian, an honours graduate was awarded for her play Circles about drug prevention that premiered in K-CAP in Kwa Mashu.

(Tamlyn Prosper & Angela Balkovic)

In March 2019, a new book will be launched Acting for Screen and Stage in South Africa by Roel Twijnstra and Dr Emma Durden. A lot of the methodologies and experience are prepared at AFDA Durban, Twist Projects and the personal experiences of the two writers. It follows the two other books Theatre Directing in South Africa (2014) and Producing for Theatre in South Africa (2016).

AFDA Durban is situated at 2A Highdale Road in Glen Anil, Durban. Phone 031 569 2252. For more information visit