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Monday, December 10, 2018


(Krishna Kumar)


This epic Bollywood concert was a culmination of all the great Bollywood shows in one. (Review by Verne Rowin Munsamy)

Tsogo Sun's Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World has had a much needed revamp. With Durban experiencing a shortage of theatre spaces it is most welcoming that Suncoast has added two new venues to KZN's repertoire. Last night, they opened their doors to showcase their new food outlets, water features and brand spanking new theatre venues and look.

Usually a new coat of paint is the end point of a revamp but Suncoast has gone all-out to invite punters and patrons alike to their new entertainment centres. Not one but two performance venues await you, the new Barnyard Theatre and the spectacular Globe.

Christening The Globe was the globe-trotting Bollywood sensation Krishna Kumar, better known as KK, live in concert. This 1,000-plus seater was filled to the brim as crowds flocked to be a part of this historical opening, proudly sponsored by Showtime Promotions and Blueblood. Showtime Promotions are known for bringing big Bollywood concerts to South African shores and this was no exception.

KK, whose songs are usually mimed by Bollywood's finest like Shah Rhuk Khan, was simply sensational. He is the voice behind some of Bollywood's most popular songs, like those from Om Shanti Om, Indiawala and Don 2. This superstar's dynamite voice, packaged in a small frame, is explosive. His smile melted the hearts of all the women in the crowd as his charismatic air guitar playing personality filled the auditorium. He reminded us of some of the great oldies and the most trending songs today from Bollywood, singing not just his favourites but the crowd's and my favourite songs too.

This was KK's first concert in South Africa and I cannot wait for the next one. This epic Bollywood concert was a culmination of all the great Bollywood shows in one. It made me nostalgic and at the same time I wanted to leap off my seat and dance the famous routines that go hand-in-hand with these songs.

What a splendid night of song and dance. The visiting band was the perfect accompaniment to KK's crystal clear voice. The energy on stage was playful and energetic and had the crowd clapping, tapping and swaying to Bollywood's best love songs, ballads and dance songs. I felt swaddled in the smooth tones of KK and I am in awe of the voice behind these smash hits. If you are familiar with Bollywood, and its miming history, then you will truly appreciate the face behind the music. He is just as sensational as the actors who make his songs famous.

The Globe, with its metal skeleton and tent-like feel, is ideal for concerts and stand-up comedy, which is their line-up for the next few months, and it is not to be missed. It has amazing acoustics and first-class intelligent lighting which will make for some interesting shows in the future. - Verne Rowin Munsamy