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Sunday, December 16, 2018


(Aaron McIlroy & Lisa Bobbert as the whacky Australians) 
(Pic by Jason Bird)

Premium entertainment from this crazy couple is a great way to end the year at Tina’s. (Review by Barry Meehan)

What can one say about Durban’s madcap duo of husband and wife team Aaron McIlroy and Lisa Bobbert that hasn’t been said in the past? Not a lot, but just in case you’ve never seen them before (and who hasn’t?) they’re zany, weird, off-the-wall (and the chart), over-the-top and politically-incorrect, but above all they know exactly what their loving audience wants, and they certainly serve this up in huge dollops of entertainment, which kept many in their Saturday night audience crying with virtually non-stop laughter.

(Lisa Bobbert as the drunken mother of the bride. Pic by Jason Bird)

The first half of Bloopers runs at a frenetic pace with Aaron and Lisa in various outfits, wigs and characters, hurtling from one scenario to another. Their own brand of comedy never stops, with some very original material and some internet-inspired, such as the Songs That Shouldn’t Be Played at Weddings segment. Lisa stands out with her drunken mother of the bride speech, with Aaron excelling in Things You Don’t say to Your Wife. The ultimate standout of the first half for me though, was Aaron’s art critic dissection and destruction of Lisa’s ABBA standard Waterloo. Comedy timing is critical in this sketch, and both nailed it.

After interval, we were treated to the Darwin Awards, a tongue-in-cheek honour, which originated on the internet around the mid-80s. They recognize individuals who have supposedly contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool via death or sterilization by their own actions. The two recipients of an Honorary Darwin Award, are a rather horny Australian outback couple who should have met their maker through their incredible stupidity while attempting to fish for crocs from their boat but lived against all odds to tell the tale.

(Aaron McIlroy as Vijay, Red Indian style. Pic by Jason Bird)

Later in the half, Aaron appears dressed as a Red Indian singing Running Bear. One thinks “what the heck is this?” but it soon becomes apparent as the “Red” is dropped and one of his comedy staple characters, Vijay, takes us into a rapid-fire dissertation of culture and all things related. Lisa joins him at the end of the sketch for a spirited version of Jai Ho, which leads into the finale, with the audience on their feet for a quick exercise class!

One word of warning about Bloopers. It contains rather more adult and toilet humour than the normal (if you can call it normal) Aaron and Lisa shows. Be that as it may, Bloopers is still premium entertainment from this crazy couple, and is a great way to end the year at Tina’s.

One note – I was standing at the ticket counter when patrons were making their way into the theatre. Roland Stansell, impresario extraordinaire, was asking attendees whether they had been to Tina’s or any of the other Rhumbelows before. To a man, the answer was “No”. Here’s hoping that patrons exposure to Bloopers will make them regular theatre-goers at these entertainment venues.

Directed by Daisy Spencer, Bloopers has another performance today at 14h00 and then runs from December 18 to 24, 2018. Performances until December 23 on Fridays and Saturdays at 20h00 and on Sundays at 14h00. There will be a performance on Monday, December 24 (Christmas Eve) at 14h00. Venue opens 60 minutes before show for drinks.

Tickets R180 (no discounts available for this show) and tables seat 6. No alcohol or food may be brought on to the premises – there is a cash bar. Tickets are cash or EFT only. Secure parking is available.

Seating is limited so early booking is advised through Computicket or contact Roland (also for large group booking discounts of 20 or more) on 082 499 8636 or email: or visit

(For Restaurant reservations contact 031 764 7843)

Tina’s Hotel is situated at 14 Beryldene Road in Kloof. – Barry Meehan