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Sunday, December 16, 2018


Struck by a Smooth Criminal! Two and a half hours of sheer magic. (Review by Verne Rowin Munsamy)

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, it was inevitable that you would be exposed to the legend that is Michael Jackson, unless one were living under a rock. There is no doubting the legacy that he left behind in his music, and it is this legacy that is celebrated in the Michael Jackson HIStory Show that is running at Sibaya's IZulu Theatre till January, presented by Showtime.

I was - and still am - a Michael Jackson fanatic, having owned every album and LP that he released. I went into this show with great expectations and there was not one bad moment in this thriller. The show is two and a half hours of sheer magic. This reminiscent journey through the history of this legend's music is an international hit. The youthful band and dancers comprise international artists with a mixture of local genius. They are the perfect accompaniment to Dantanio's brilliance and swagger on stage.


The choreography is on par with MJ's best and it is perfectly executed by such enthusiastic dancers. We were treated to all of MJ's signature moves and his biggest hits, like Blame it on the Boogie, Beat It, Heal the World and Man in the Mirror. I was in awe as Dantanio, a Kimberley boy, living his dream, moonwalked, kicked and pelvic-thrusted his way through the production. This fervent show had audiences of all ages leaping to their feet as Dantanio prodigiously portrays MJ to a T. The show reached South Africa after a successful international tour and now embarks on a national tour which I hope is received with vivacious support.

The technical aspects of the show are astounding. The lights, which are an integral part of the show, are very well designed. The costumes are spot-on and I waited in anticipation for the white glove to appear. The aesthetics are simply stunning. We are teased with Jackson's best and waited with bated breath for Thriller, which was the encore number. We sang and danced and were so immersed in the show that we forgot that it wasn't the 'real' Michael.

This show was a nostalgic traverse through the music of a legend and it is done with such class and sophistication. Well done to the cast and crew and I hope that it reaches the audiences that it deserves.

Michael Jackson HIStory Show runs until January 6, 2019. Booking is at Computicket - Verne Rowin Munsamy