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Saturday, March 30, 2019


(Gino Fabbri)

Laughter abounds and the spotlight falls squarely on ‘crazy’ as comedian/drummer Gino Fabbri returns to Durban with his laugh-a-minute comedy Gino Fabbri is Completely Nuts which has two shows at the Suncoast Barnyard Theatre on April 4 and 6, 2019, before moving to the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre from April 9 to 14, 2019.

Versatile, and outrageously hilarious funny-man, Fabbri was last seen in the madcap show Common and Class at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre alongside celebrated musical theatre performer Ian Von Memerty. Going solo in Completely Nuts, Fabbri describes the show as “a welcome antidote to deep thinking,” as he performs in the guise of many very diverse, over-the-top characters, each with their own set of life-views, observations and opinions.”

Each “character” delivers a belly-load of rapid-fire one-liner laugh lines that offers a view of life from vastly different and highly amusing perspectives.

‘Sanity’ is not a word very often associated with Fabbri – or more specifically, with the hairbrained completely crazy characters that he portrays: from a self-deceiving Latin Lover and  an over-zealous, hip-thrusting excessively rule-bound traffic cop, to a talentless pop-idol wannabe with parental and self-esteem issues, and a wheeler-dealer businessman who battles to prevent his inner monologue from spilling out to an entertainer extraordinaire who is a lot less extraordinary than he thinks.

The multi-talented Fabbri, who is also a renowned South African drummer, includes three show-stopping finales in the show, taking his audience on a musical journey through the evolution of the most recognizable rock drum fills before turning classical music on its head like never seen before.

Fabbri’s characters share an inability to accurately perceive exactly what is going on around them, all the while trying to compensate for their shortcomings. In doing so, hilarious consequences ensue as he moves from naughty stand-up comedian to quirky singer.

The Eastern Cape-based Fabbri has become a popular fixture on the national corporate entertainment stage, where is seen regularly appearing in the guise of his various characters as musical comedy MC.

Fabbri, who is co-owner of the production company Centrestage which has staged a number of hit shows in Durban over the years, says, “I invite Durban audiences to get committed - come walk the tightrope between sanity and madness and find out for yourself if I am indeed “nuttier than a pile of squirrel droppings”, in the full knowledge that one thing will always be certain, you’ll be none the wiser after seeing this show!”

There are two shows at the Suncoast Barnyard - April 4 at 20h00 and April 6 at 14h00. Tickets for the Suncoast Barnyard shows are R140 and can be purchased by calling 031 940 0500.

The show then moves to the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre from April 9 to 14 and tickets are available through Computicket.