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Friday, April 19, 2019


Deadline: May 15, 2019

Nando’s joins the Loeries to celebrate design 

Design from Africa and the Middle East finally gets the recognition it deserves with the expanded Nando’s Design category at the Loeries in 2019. This year’s category has been extended to recognise design from a much broader range of creative professionals. 

“We’ve expanded the design category beyond only brand communication to include areas of design such as retail furniture and product design, fabric, wallpaper, lighting, architecture and interior design, and even the design of signage programmes,” says Loeries CEO Andrew Human.

He adds that the Loeries has long been recognised as the highest accolade in advertising and brand communication. “A strong design award has been lacking for our region and this is a great opportunity for all designers to showcase their work and achieve recognition.”

Design is woven into the Nando’s DNA, making Nando’s a natural partner for the Design category. “Design and creativity have been an intrinsic part of the Nando’s way of doing business. Nando’s is the first local brand to collaborate with local designers at the scale it does,” says Michael Spinks, Nando’s Property and Development Director.

He adds: “Putting our support behind the design community is important to doing business well. Our PERi-PERi power has charted new paths and careers for many local artists and their art. Putting that same fire behind the extended Design category for the 2019 Loeries gives us a chance to spice things up for the wonderful designers who will imprint their names onto this exciting category.

According to Gaby de Abreu, Loeries board member and creative head of Switch Design, the awards are invaluable because they offer a chance for designers to showcase their work to a far greater audience. 

“The Nando’s Design category at the Loeries is an opportunity to showcase excellence across disciplines in countries throughout Africa and the Middle East. For independent designers, it’s a unique chance to achieve recognition across the industry, reaching creatives internationally,” says de Abreu.

“For a furniture designer working in an independent workshop or a graphic designer outside of the agency network, this year’s Loeries offers a chance to show the world what you’ve achieved,” he adds.

The Nando’s Design category at the Loeries is open to designers across all the main disciplines. The entry deadline is May 15, 2019, and more information can be found on