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Monday, May 6, 2019


Leah Mari (17), the daughter of Durban jazz musicians George and Debbie Mari, has launched a new campaign – an online youth arts festival: #WhereIStand

This is the Facebook page:

It’s a call to local, creative, youth to share where they stand on important social issues – the youth are invited to do this through the arts by submitting performance art pieces, visual arts, digital arts, writing, compositions, poetry, dance, essays, short stories, photos, etc – any art form. It’s not a competition – it’s just a platform for the youth to meet online and post to a Facebook page Mari has created.

Submissions must first be emailed to and then Mari will post all submissions on YOUTH DAY (only) – to be celebrated throughout the day! It is also an attempt to encourage South African youth to engage with important, current social issues and to have their say!

(Leah Mari. Pic by Val Adamson)

Mari is also performing again in the latest Young Performers Project (YPP) titled Curtain Up at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre from May 15 to June 2.

She is currently in matric, will pursue studies in the arts at university next year, and has performed extensively in Durban throughout her high school career including performances at the Sneddon Theatre, Playhouse, Hilton Arts Festival and an original composition performed by the KZNPO which she composed while at primary school.

For more information contact Debbie Mari on 084 614 3353 or email: