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Saturday, July 13, 2019


Deadline for Submissions: November 30, 2019

Local Durban poet Danny Naicker writes contemporary poetry and his work is a commentary on social economic and political issues, especially injustices.

He has now launched an appeal to fellow writers to assist him in creating Who Stole And Broke Our Rainbow.

He explains: “In conversation with Ashwin Desai recently just in passing I mentioned that we should embark on an Anthology of Struggle Poetry, and fortunately or unfortunately the ball was kicked into my court. Now I am here literary speaking, standing, holding and carrying the Baby. Now I have to nurture, feed, change the diapers and practically bathe and wash the babies crap, raising a child and watch he/she develop and grow is such joy to parenthood. The idea of the Anthology is already born and this surrogate parent has to full fill all his parental duties.

“I cannot do this on my own without the collective help and support of all literature loving people who are so passionate about literature. I make an impassioned plea - please grab your pens and put your poetic thoughts on paper, rummage through your old manuscripts lying in the attic gathering dust all but forgotten therein might lie a gem of a poem that you were too shy to publish in a journal or magazine. Please read the attached Rules and submit your poems.

I further appeal for help in the Cover design, I have put something together for the cover but need the help of an artist to do the final graphics and unfortunately it is going to be for Gratis on the house so to speak.

Looking forward to your poems making an appearance on this unique Anthology.”

Who Stole And Broke Our Rainbow will be an anthology of South African struggle poetry in the context of former Apartheid struggles and post-apartheid struggles

Naicker details the requirements:

We like things controversial, edgy, experimental, spontaneous (be it in language or form), surreal, magical, speculative, avant-garde. In short anything not confirming with the Establishment norms

We don’t subscribe to any particular singular genre. We prefer genre- flexibility on your face outlandish and maverick Activism  literature that will prick your conscience and make a broad social Statement .

We have a soft spot for literature which makes a unfaltering unapologetic stand on politics, economic, environmental and social ills. By politics, we mean the politics regarding the rights of the down trodden and marginalised and not the 1% that controls every facet of our lives, with the conniving of the political elite in power.

The struggle of the working class proletariat and the emancipation of woman, gender equality and the rights and issues of LGBT for Equity and Social Justice.

We must admit that any glorified depiction of socialist realism doesn’t make exciting Poetry for the objective of this anthology

We would like to cover as wide as possible spectrum of South African Poets. Writers of colour, women writers, and writers from under- represented disadvantaged groups are our priority.

The subject matter should cover, Poetry praising your political struggle heroes and heroines, and vilifying the scoundrels. Political events eg. Marikina, Sharpeville, June 16, Fees must fall, Free Education. Open Pit Toilets. The restitution of land question, xenophobia etc. in no way are these suggested themes are being prescriptive just guidelines

We are not very keen on simultaneous submissions and we will not accept already published pieces.
We will feature the author’s short bio, not exceeding 50 words
The poem could accompany a relevant quote and picture
No restrictions on the number of words and the length of the poem, use your own discretion don’t attempt to write Homers Odyssey


All submissions should be mailed to danny.naicker@ndengineering or with the word ‘Submission’ followed by your name in the subject column

All submissions sent, must be in Word Document Format, Font Times New Romans, Font size 12 and must come as an attachment. Please do not use any fancy fonts. We prefer Times New Roman.
Artworks should be in JPEG format.
NO Watsapp entries will be accepted - all submissions by E-mails only.

A great big THANK YOU, but sadly nothing else but an opportunity to Recite your work at the official launch and to buy a copy of the Anthology.

Segregation or discrimination on the grounds of race religion, prejudice, bias, bigotry, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, unfairness, inequity, favouritism, one-sidedness, partisanship, sexism, chauvinism, racism, racialism. All works must be original, Plagiarism is unacceptable

  • All poems will be scrutinised by the editor and the editors decision will be final. No correspondence will be entertained
  • All submissions and queries may be addressed to the editors

- Your work must be  complete, original, previously unpublished  Poetry.
- Words, typed in Times New Roman, font size 12, double spaced, justified.

-Full Name.
-Postal Address, Mobile Contact Numbers and Email Address.
-A note declaring that your work is original and previously unpublished and has not been plagiarized in any form from any published or unpublished source.

Naicker can be contacted on 083 282 0865 for any query.

All submissions must be in by November 30, 2019.