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Monday, August 19, 2019


(Right: Dalin Oliver)

Teacher-turned-comedian and ace radio jock Dalin Oliver hits Durban shores soon, with his third one man stand-up comedy show – Adulting. Written and performed by Dalin, this hot-property laugh-a-line act plays the Happy Hippo Comedy Club, 222 Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Durban Central, on August 30 and 31, 2019.

One of the rising stars of the South African comedy scene, Oliver was born and bred in Retreat, Cape Town. The former high school mathematics and history teacher is a familiar face with the locals of his hometown - after two successful runs of his previous one-man shows I Came, I Taught, I Left and Face For Radio.

For the third consecutive time, he’ll be under the guidance of one of South Africa’s favourite comics, Stuart Taylor, who will be donning the hat of director.

Oliver recently turned 30 and noticed that people expect him to “have it all together when in actual fact, it’s all falling apart. Not literally, okay sometimes, but figuratively, mostly, because each day leads to more challenges and confusion about how to survive in the “big world”. Adulting is soooooo hard, people.”

No one warned him about the panic he’ll experience at the end of the month when debit orders decide to visit …or about the stress of moving out and living on your own because you want to be independent. Independent in this case loosely translates to no home-cooked food until further notice, forgetting to take dirty washing to the laundry and learning that flats don’t come fully-furnished.

Somehow, they also never sent him the memo on how to deal with parents who are experiencing empty nest syndrome because their youngest has decided to spread his wings and start figuring out life on his own. His life is basically a mess but that’s okay because deep down inside everyone’s’ is and that’s okay, too.

“Oliver's signature nostalgic story-telling comedic style is something to look forward to once again. This time featuring life hacks and stories that just might feel a little too familiar. It’s over a pay day run because he wants you to live your best life before all of your favourite SMS’s decide to start going off. We also have candles and cell phone torches so you can’t use load-shedding as an excuse,” say the organisers.

Adulting runs at the Happy Hippo Comedy Club, 222 Mahatma Gandhi Road in Durban Central, on August 30 and 31 with shows starting at 20h00. Tickets R100 bookings @ or call 083 426 7504.

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