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Saturday, August 31, 2019


(Bongumusa on his feet supported by the walking frame donated by Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre Manager, Jackie Cunniffe)

One of KickstArt’s most valued team members, Bongumusa Masondo, was in a serious road accident on Saturday. He is currently in Addington Hospital awaiting surgery on both a broken leg and, perhaps even more seriously for a scenic artist, a shattered right arm.

“The expenses of rehab and sustaining himself after the surgery are going to be significant. And we need him back at work making our panto as soon as humanly possible! Until then, he cannot earn any money.”

KickstArt is appealing for donations on the Backabuddy Campaign that has been set up by the people who care about him, and get him mobile and creative again.

Lighting designer and friend Tina le Roux posted the above photograph on Facebook with this comment: “Heartfelt thank you to Jackie Cunniffe for the walking frame for Bongumusa! He stood up for the first time today in four weeks! These pictures show him throwing his head back with laughter. When I asked how the pain was, he told me it was the best pain ever. 4 weeks later and both his feet are on the floor - today has been a HUGE step forward! So happy! Bongumusa's Warriors #makeadifference”

If you are able to support, follow this link: