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Wednesday, August 28, 2019


(Iain EWOK Robinson)

Written and performed by Iain EWOK Robinson and produced by Amehlo Productions. Unentitled comes to the Hilton Arts Festival in September.

“The countdown to @hiltonartsfest has begun, my peoples! Expect some of that mEwok action, live and in full oratorical acrobatic effect with my brand spanking new performance piece,” he says.

Iain EWOK Robinson returns to the stage with his seventh Spoken Word Theatre piece. This one-man performance sees him stuck squarely at a crossroads, not by choice, but because history put him there. He didn’t ask to be born white. Who would? What does that even mean, anyway? Now he’s stuck, not sure which move to make or which direction to take. He’s stuck, trying to kill time … but history won’t die.

EWOK is an award winning performer, Hip Hop artist and published poet. Unentitled was first commissioned by the Quick Center for the Arts, Fairfield University , Connecticut, in 2017 as part of their Global Theater Series. The Hilton Festival will see the South African premiere of the seventh in the series of EWOK’s signature style: humorous and hard hitting, cutting edge andclose-to-the-bone.

Originally commissioned by The Quick Theater (USA) this piece will be premiering in South Africa, at the festival, in September, which runs from September

UNENTITLED will be in the Drama Centre, seating is limited, so book now online through the festival website to secure your seating -

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