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Sunday, August 11, 2019


(The fabulous Ufafa sock monkeys)

Well-known journalist Wanda Hennig reports on a launch with Eagle View Yoga Studio and three others at Durban North.

“Ixopo Woza Moya Project - the 20-year-old Ufafa Valley Ixopo community-based NGO that directly improves the lives of close on 10,000 people—launched its super-creative “Friend Raising” fund-raising campaign with a “tea party” that served up good vibes, goodwill and good spirits. Yes, and strawberry smoothies and wraps.

“Founding director Sue Hedden and co-founder Jane Nxasana who drove from Ixopo (they have a plan to become financially self-supporting/sustainable) did the presentation. The launch was hosted by Zeiler Jankey Attorneys and the fabulous Karen Aaron, who pulled together a group of lovely local business folk and friends.

“The “Friend Raising” concept is just this ... Caring community, friends, businesses having “tea parties”- which means some sort of gathering (there is a fun bring-something-previously-loved auction with lunch being hosted at Eagles View yoga school in Winston Park on August 25) - where Sue Hedden can share the Woza Moya story. Which is an inspirational one. The Woza Moya Ufafa Valley project (not to be confused with the Hillcrest Methodist Church’s Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust that took the same name for their craft division) does “big” work around health, nutrition, early childhood education, youth, women’s empowerment and more in this dirt-poor once-forgotten tribal trust area that borders The Buddhist Retreat Centre, Ixopo, South Africa.

“They have a crafting project where women there make, among high end cushion covers and gorgeous cards, the fabulous Ufafa sock monkeys that decorated the “boardroom” venue. “

See the website, connect with Sue via this link or email her at