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Sunday, August 11, 2019


Diverse and challenging choreography - the solo work was well-balanced with pair and group work keeping you intrigued all the way. Review by Verne Rowin Munsamy)

Staging and Ku...

The Playhouse Company's resident dance troupe are back with fresh faces and fierce choreography with their production Trafficked which formed part of the Playhouse Women’s Arts Festival this year.

The Loft Theatre at the Playhouse is most suited for intimate and challenging stories and this time is no different. Contemporary dance has a knack of tackling sensitive issues and in this production the choreography gives us insight into the trauma and torment of human trafficking, looking insightfully at the trafficking of African bodies.

I found the choreography to be diverse and challenging. The solo work was well-balanced with pair and group work and kept you intrigued all the way. The music and sound effects matched well with the theme being explored. They also established myriad rhythms with some heartrending movements. I enjoyed the use of the hand-held torch which was used to light sections as well as giving a sense of motion and movement. The dancers are impeccable and created not just thought-provoking dance but also a sense of disparity, anxiety, brokenness and desperation. I thoroughly enjoyed the aerial lifts and contact improv as well as the dramatics of it all.

The steel mesh walls and hessian sack costumes created a stark and dangerous feel. The lighting was very well considered with bars and colour choices. I did feel that some sections towards the end were over-extended and that the final moment could have been reached earlier. This being said, the story is very clear and the rebellion obvious. This was a delightful piece that was well suited to the Women's Month Festival which ran this weekend as the Playhouse Company. - Verne Rowin Munsamy