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Monday, September 23, 2019


(Liz Cunningham)

Give yourself the gift of time out from your daily life to connect with your heart, care for your body’s balance and wellbeing and charge your energy for living life.

Join Liz Cunningham in her peaceful studio, The Heart Space, in Clansthal for two days, to explore the power of your heart, the power of your spirit and the power of your voice and to live these through the power of your actions.

Through the practises of EQ heart energy mastery and Nia dance, the retreat will support you in exploring ways to live each new season of life with more joy, vitality and fulfilment.

Cunningham explains:

“My life’s work is to share my experience and understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in a way that supports new ways of seeing, feeing, thinking and doing …  a new way of being and responding to life situations so that we can navigate the times we live in with more joy, vitality and fulfilment.

“As a Heart Leader this means using practical EQ skill and heart energy mastery to shift perspective from fearing life to loving live, from survival to choice and growth.

“As a Soul Mover this means aligning body, mind and spirit through movement and energy management practices which follow heart energy as a doorway to intuition and body/mind intelligence.

“My passion and focus flows from my own experience…  I started working in the early ‘80s with big enthusiasm and dreams. Twenty years on, with a level of societal and organisational success under my belt, I was feeling stressed and drained of life energy. I was making a good living ... but running on empty.

“Since 2000 my path has been one of learning and choosing to live well at every level of being: physical energy and balance, emotional choice and freedom from old patterns, mental curiosity and creativity, spiritual essence and impact.”

Dates: Day 1 on October 18 and Day 2 on November 15, 2019.
Time: 09h00 to 16h00
Cost: R600 per day
Venue: The Heart Space, Clansthal
A light lunch is served.

To book phone Liz Cunningham on 083 556 8108 or email:

Womanity Retreats will be run from January 2020 through the year.