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Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Durban Actors Studio will present their original production of The Monster Mash, running from December 4 to 7, 2019, at The DAS Factory.

Durban Actors Studio’s Stage School Programme, in association with KickstArt Theatre Productions, has given 16 young performers, aged 9 to 16, the opportunity to embark on a performance training journey like no other. Under the expert guidance of writer and director Sanele “Sunny” Sibiya, (theatre director, choreographer and vocal coach) the young performers took part in semi-professional performance training to gear them up for their performance of Durban Actors Studio’s Original Production of The Monster Mash.

The young performers come from all walks of life to bring this thrilling comedy to life!

The story takes place in Vladimir’s Castle, the home of a malicious self-made creature with the hopes of turning kids into monsters during the eve of The Monster Mash (Vladimir is played by Hannah Brissett). Enter Grace (played by Madison Opland), our beloved belle, who is about to be entangled in an experience she could only have nightmares about! Whilst attempting to take a great outdoor selfie, she gets drawn into this strange world by the ghoulish Housekeeper (played by Savhannah Regnard) who causes unnecessary mischief for Grace.

Grace stumbles into a celebration where she meets Freddy Frankenstein (played by Carl Oosthuizen), Desdemona Wolf (played by Caohme Lalla), and Malachi Mummy (played by Ryan Robertson) who soon befriend her and try to help her escape the castle. She comes to learn that they were once humans, like her, and that their memories were all wiped by Vladimir as part of his scheme to keep them there forever. So instead of them helping her, she tries to help them instead! But it isn’t so hunky-dory as the mischievous Chucky (played by Amani Langa) tries his best to keep Grace locked away to make her his eternal companion!

Vladimir sends his Nightcrawlers (played by Stella Clarisse, Nsika Langa, Riley Weideman, Calene Lalla, Savhannah Regnard, Cebo Kwayama) to go and collect youngsters wandering around the woods but doesn’t give the clearest of instructions and they’re not the brightest bunch as well. They take it upon themselves to interpret Vladimir’s instructions and end up scaring the entire town. Along the way, they capture Ben (played by Brandon Strydom), who happens to be Grace’s best friend. He has been searching for Grace since they got separated in the woods and is now about to be monster mashed! Oh no! What will Ben do? Will he find Grace? Or will he save himself? It’s probably not the best time to be out at night… in the dark woods… all by himself… during The Monster Mash.

Grace grows fond of the new monster gang as they search for a way out, and the gang becomes fond of her, too. The fondness between Freddy and Grace displeases Chucky and so he decides to team up with The Witch Sisters, Hocus (played by Joslyn Walters), Pocus (played by Makayla Naicker) and Phocus (played by Tayo Haley) to try and trick Grace and Freddy apart. But wait, the drama doesn’t end there: Vladimir gets word that the monsters are trying to escape and so he strikes a deal with Grace that could change everything… forever.

During their endeavour to try and save the missing Grace, the gang meets Harley (played by Calene Lalla), a special nightcrawler that Vladimir keeps a secret. One can only wonder. She has been “monster-sitting” Grace who is carrying out Vladimir’s deal, but do you think Vladimir played fair? What will happen to Grace’s friends? What will happen to Grace? Who is Harley? How will they escape?

The Monster Mash runs at The DAS Factory from December 4 to 7, 2019, with performances at 19h00. Tickets R100 a ticket booked through

There is a pre-order meal option and the show is one for the entire family.

The Monster Mash will take place at The DAS Factory, at Durban Actors Studio in 114 Intersite Avenue, Umgeni Business Park. For more information contact 031 332 0173