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Monday, December 16, 2019


(Cover by Carma Naude)

Author Vera Alexander has just published her third novel, titled A Mother’s Love.

Vera Alexander is the birth name and penname of retired teacher computer teacher Vera Castleman. To date Vera has published five children’s books (The Della and Easter series), one graphic novel (In the Twinkling of an Eye, illustrator Manuela Cardiga), three novels (Full Circle, Darkest Before Dawn and now A Mother’s Love) and finally a collection from her blog titled Me Unplugged. All her books are available in Kindle format from Amazon.

Her writing philosophy is “I don’t expect to get stinking rich as an author. All I really want is for people to read and hopefully love what I have written.”

“A person consists of three entities – the physical body, the brain and what is called the soul. This “soul” defines a person for what they are, what they will achieve and what they will become,” she continues.

“When a person lies in a coma, their body occupies space on a hospital bed. Doctors feel that their brains are active and can respond to outside stimuli so family is encouraged to talk to them. But what of their soul? We know there is an inner life source. Scientists have taken photographs of the moment of death when the “electricity” in the body departs, when the life essence leaves the body. So what happens to this life essence when a person lies in a coma? What does it do? Where does it go? What does it experience?”

Angela’s body lies in a hospital bed. She is in a coma. This novella explores the possible journey of her soul.

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A Mother’s Love is published by umSinsi Press.