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Friday, March 27, 2020


Understandably there are many people who are currently working from home and choosing to spend their the weekends indoors rather than out and about, so Durban Local History Museums thought that now might be a good time to explore what the Durban Local History Museums’ (DLHM) website has to offer!

Obviously there’s nothing quite like seeing museum artefacts in the flesh, so to speak, but the DLHM website offers a wealth of information that’s accessible from the comfort, and safety, of your own home.

First off, there’s a weekly blog that covers topical items of interest, as well as highlighting various aspects of the museums’ collections. You can subscribe to the blog’s weekly newsletter by visiting

DLHM also publishes a biennial magazine, Umlando. If you visit the Papers & Publications section of the website you’ll find that all the past issues of the magazine are available for viewing online. There you’ll also find papers written by members of the DLHM, which make for fascinating reading!

And if you’re interested in the history of your hometown, the DLHM website offers some great background on the history of the region, including a wealth of information on the establishment of Durban’s port, the infamous ‘Durban System’ and the background to some of Durban’s townships and suburbs.

You can also take a mini-tour of the various museums that make up the DLHM stable. A brief introduction to the museums’ various permanent exhibitions is available for viewing under the tab ‘Exhibitions‘ -, with details about each site to be found under the ‘Museums’ tab on the home page – - including directions for when normal life has resumed and you can visit them!