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Tuesday, March 3, 2020


(Left: Arjan Tien)

The final concert of the KZN Philharmonic’s Summer Season will take place on March 5, 2020, at 19h30 in the Durban City Hall.

For 20 years and more, the Netherlands born conductor Arjan Tien has built up a staunch support base among South African concert goers who will be delighted at his return for the closing concert of the KZN Philharmonic’s Summer Season. Few, if indeed any, will baulk at the prospect of meeting up with two more Beethoven masterworks on the roster, to be performed in tandem before Georges Bizet’s classically inspired Symphony in C brings the Summer Season to a close.

Unlike Mozart, with his incredibly fecund gift for penning a string of operatic masterworks, Beethoven slaved mightily over the creation of what in effect was his only opera, Leonore, which after much revision, morphed into its final incarnation as Fidelio. This tortuous but ultimately triumphant gestation saw the creation of no fewer than three splendid Leonore overtures, before the composer finally settled for the shorter, more compact Fidelio Overture that today is performed in the opera house. The first of its three predecessors receives a welcome outing here, given under Maestro Tien’s stylistically informed baton.

(Right: Tai Murray)

Composed in 1803 as a carry-over of the ‘sinfonia concertante’ compositional form that gained popularity in the late 18th Century, Beethoven’s Concerto for Violin, Cello, and Piano, commonly known as his Triple Concerto, was the only concerto he completed for more than one solo instrument. It was dedicated to Beethoven’s patron, Prince Franz Joseph Maximilian Fürst von Lobkowitz. Soloists will be Tai Murray (violin), Aristide du Plessis (cello) and Malcolm Nay (piano).

Like Beethoven’s Triple Concerto, Georges Bizet’s hugely popular Symphony in C is another work that derives in style and spirit from an earlier age, being closely modelled on the High Classical era symphonies of Haydn and Mozart. Such is its fount of creatively argued rhetoric and structure, however, married to unfailingly inspired melodic content, that there is never a suggestion of the merely derivative about this delightful work.

The concert takes place at 19h30 on March 5, 2020, in the Durban City Hall. Booking is at Computicket

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