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Sunday, March 1, 2020


(Nibs van der Spuy. Pic by frans_marx-photography)

Acclaimed guitarist Nibs van der Spuy will be playing a special solo concert, in Mount Moreland, at Shapes of Africa, for the release of his brand new Anthology album, A Circle of Swallows. This is where the inspiration for his anthology was born.

Nibs migrated north a few years ago to Portugal and, like the swallow which travels thousands of miles every year between Africa and Europe, he always returns to his roots in Kwa-Zulu. In Portugal the swallow is a symbol of romanticism, family, love and loyalty and also represent growth, time and new beginnings. He hopes this Anthology embodies this and leaves the listener of a sense of home, as they journey to new frontiers and beyond.

He will be playing a cross section of his finest musical moments covering two decades. From dreamy instrumentals to rural love songs, he carefully handpicked the 17 songs that form part of his glorious journey which has seen him play in many countries across the world.

Mount Moreland is up the north coast. One takes the Umhlodti turnoff, turn left, then first right. About 1.5km as the crow flies from the airport.