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Sunday, March 1, 2020


(Rob Lowe)

Just started on M-Net City (channel 115) and running on Tuesdays at 20h50 is Season 1 of Wild Bill starring Rob Lowe.

Cultures collide in this Rob Lowe crime dramedy series about a high-flying US cop, Bill Hixon, who is sent to England to shake up the East Lincolnshire Constabulary, but when the coldest of cold cases turns up, it is Bill who finds himself shaken up.

Also starring Bronwyn James as DC Muriel Yeardsley; a trainee CID detective whom Bill takes a particular shine to; Rachael Stirling as Lady Mary Harborough; a local crown court judge with whom Bill has an affair and Anjli Mohindra as Deputy Chief Constable Lydia Price; Bill's second in command.