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Saturday, March 21, 2020


KZN’s Rhumbelow Theatre is test-driving a temporary concept, which will assist in keeping the Rhumbelow top of mind, get the finances ticking over (as the organisation has monthly fixed costs) and hopefully assist performers, artists and musicians who will not have any source of income.

Below are test-driving links to YOU TUBE (not public - you need to have the link)

Roland Stansell, Rhumbelow manager and entertainment co-ordinator explains: “We have loaded shows that appeared at the Rhumbelow during the last 10 or so years. If there is a show that grabs you, please feel free to click on the link and watch the show. We would ask you to make an appropriate donation for the show that you have watched, so that we can also share any income with the relevant performer.

“We would ask that on the banking reference that you indicate the show that you watched so that we know who to share the revenue with.”

Banking Details for Rhumbelow Theatre:

Branch Code: Nedbank  Musgrave  130126
Generic Branch Code: 198 765
Acc No: 2301348474 (SAVINGS)

Name of Account : Rhumbelow Theatre
Fax for Deposit Slip : 086 685 0300 (if not electronic transfer)

We are testing this as an option over these difficult times and would appreciate your reply/feedback on what you think of this idea.

Have fun and explore this as a new creative idea to keep theatre and theatre practitioners sustainable.

201206 Bad Habits -
Comedy Drag Show with The Family Players

200908 Laughing All The Way To The Banks -
Comedy with Mark Banks

201302 Le Chop Royale with Benson Schwenson -
Comedy with Jacobus Van Heerden

200910 Flirting With Coward – Godfrey Johnson -
The music of Noel Coward with Godfrey Johnson

201512 LAUREL CANYON – Barry Thomson, Jason Andrew & Marion Loudon -
Laurel Canyon wasn't much to look at. A few modest bungalows and log cabins crammed between an occasional faded mansion that had been left over from the days when it was a secluded, semi-rural retreat for Hollywood's silent-movie stars. And yet from the quiet of the densely wooded canyon came a music revolution that would change popular culture.

201504 Behind The Noise - Barry Thomson, Jason Andrew & Marion Loudon -
Ever noticed how often a great song gets drowned out by the noise that comes from over-production in a studio? Join Durbanites Barry Thomson, Jason Andrew & Marion Loudon as they get back to the root of what makes a great song and give the melody and lyrics space to shine.

201202 Coward To Brel – Godfrey Johnson -
Godfrey Johnson Plays the music on Noel Coward and Cole Porter

201502 Swingtime – Platform Jazz -
Great Swing Music with local Durban Band Platform Jazz

201210 There Was A Time Springbok Radio Frank Graham -
Enjoy a fun look at the history or radio and specifically Springbok Radio in South Africa

200308 Tipsy Tart Follies - The Family Players

200501 Tsunami Concert - The Family Players & Friends

200602 Liza With A T - Tonya Koenderman

200606 Bobbert Uncut - Lisa Bobbert

200707 Bosman’s Women - Barbie Meyer

200607 The G Spot - Frank Graham & Graham Rich. Comedy and laughs with two of Durban's comic veterans.

200709 The Return Of The Convent Girls - Lisa Bobbert & Tonya Koenderman. Fun with Lisa Bobbert & Tonya Koenderman

200807 Wild & Fragrant - Barbie Meyer. Hilarious storytelling with Barbie Meyer. Stories from Herman Charles Bosman

200811 Frank Graham - Reconteur Extraordinare - Frank Graham

200901 Diaries of a Down & Out Diva - Tonya Koenderman. Fun musical cabaret with Tonya

200912 Fairy Follies - The Family Players

201006 Banana Banana - 11 Gays To Go - The Family Players

201312 Tis The Season - Marion Loudon & The Reals. Fun Christmas show with Marion Loudon & The Reals (Barry Thomson, Dawn Selby, Jason Andrew & Mali Sewell)

201112 Stuffed Turkeys - The Family Players & Friends

201402 Stupid Cupid - The Family Players & Statik. Fun show including the Comedy Family Players Drag Troupe and Statik, Clinton Green & Selwyn Rautenbach

201508 The Way We Were – Streisand - Cat Simoni

We are loading shows every day  - please email your POP to watch and Rhumbelow will send you the link for that show.

If there are any shows that you would like to view that are not on this list, please let us know.

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