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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

ST PAT’S 2020

(Right: Colin Penn)

Well-known pianist and entertainer Colin Penn will present St Pat’s 2020 on March 15, 2020.

He lists the items that audiences can expect to enjoy:

We have a foin leprechaun fiddler to play Oirish jigs to be sure.
We have a great Oirish sing-a-long for everyone to join in
We ain’t got McNamara’s band We have Colin Penn & his Pennants
We’ve got very funny Oirish gags,that we have to be sure.
We’ve got Colin playing some foin Oirish pieces on the piano.
We have everything for a great party, that we have. All we need to make it a huge success is a bottle Jameson’s and YOU!”

St Pat’s 2020 takes place on March 15 at 14h00 at the Norwegian Hall, 214 St Thomas Road, Musgrave. Tickets R60. Bookings through Barbara on 072 147 8409.