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Thursday, April 16, 2020


Deadline for submissions: May 2, 2020

Womandla is delighted to announce the call out for Womandla 2, a vibrant collection of female writing.

The highly anticipated annual writing call out went live on Facebook early April, with Womandla 1 writers and poets, and new writers and poets, excited to have something meaningful and empowering to do during the COVID-19 lockdown, which has been extended until end April.

Having launched successfully at the Womandla Raised Fist Awards last year, where ten phenomenal women were celebrated, Womandla 1 was a resounding success. It created a powerful platform for women to express their opinions, share their stories, showcase their talents, and astound readers with incredible imaginations. Feedback from readers and supporters has been “bold and inspiring”.

Womandla’s 2020 edition invites women, and teenage girls, to submit writing and poetry around journeys from survival to victory. Some of many examples include gender-based violence, corona virus, lockdown, unemployment, depression, bullying, or any other challenge to be overcome in life.

The stellar team of Womandla published editors includes award-winning activist, journalist, Salaamedia producer-presenter, CFAD manager, mediation attorney, and author-poet Shabnam Palesa Mohamed; junior marketing manager, entrepreneur, and poet Aisha PoeTrix Mponda; chief diagnostic radiographer specialising in computed tomography, and author Lucretia Basson; stage poet, recording artist, uKhozi Fm guest, author, and data entry officer Pumla Indoni Mkhize; and award-winning journalist, Lotus fm content creator, blogger, and author Maya Jagjivan Kalicharan.

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed comments: “Womandla! means the power of women, its root being Amandla, meaning power, in isiZulu and isiXhosa. Womandla’s vision is to strengthen solidarity amongst diverse women and girls, by celebrating our voices, talents and lives. We have an incredible team.”

Aisha Mponda Kilumbilo adds: “So much happens every day that isn't shared with the world. Womandla 1 created the platform for voices to be heard, but the words never end. There is always more to be shared, so Womandla 2 is how we continue to amplify women’s voices as we continue the journey.”

Lucretia Basson comments: “I am delighted to be a Womandla editor this year. The Womandla 2 theme of survivor to victor resonates with everyday challenges that women and girls in our society struggle to deal with and overcome. Let us never be silent or silenced. Let our voices be heard everywhere.”

Pumla Indoni Mkhize remarks: “My work was published in Womandla 1 last year. Queens have reigned for centuries, but they are not recognised and respected enough in society. The unenlightened strive to dim our colourful lights. We have to speak out. Reading and writing empowers us to break free.”

Maya Jagjivan Kalicharan explains: “Writing is a cathartic experience. There is great power and joy that comes from seeing your words in black and white, no matter how painful your journey has been. The Womandla journey flows naturally from my blog writing work, and I look forward to this experience."

Women and teenage girls can submit writing in five different genres: memoir, opinion, empowerment writing, creative short fiction, and poetry. Diary-style writing is also welcome. Suggested themes include passion, purpose, pain, joy, and power. English and translated isiZulu submissions are welcome. Submissions including humour are encouraged as we undergo lockdown.

Given the large number of entries last year, this year only one entry per genre will be accepted, with 800 words maximum for each submission. A 50-word biography must be included in the Word format document submission. Spelling and grammar must be checked as editing will be moderate.

Submissions must be emailed to

Only writers and poets of accepted submissions will be contacted after the review process. The editorial team decision is final. Deadline for submissions is May 2, 2020, enough time to write about struggle, solidarity, hope and victory!

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