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Monday, August 3, 2020


National Arts Festival CEO, Monica Newton, bids farewell to the first ever virtual National Arts Festival, while opening the door wide for artists to present their work on the Festival's newly created digital platform.

A message from National Arts Festival CEO Monica Newton:

“The 2020 Virtual National Arts Festival closes today, ending our first foray into the world of online events. It has been an incredible journey that has seen artists, producers, technicians and the Festival itself taking the arts online and into the homes of thousands across the globe. The need for this safe online space for the arts outlives the Festival period and so we have decided to dedicate the platform we built to the artists who need it and the audiences who have loved it.

“We are continuing to call this space the vFringe as a nod to the fearless independence of the Fringe movement. It will be open to artists of all disciplines and, for now, we will continue to waive the registration fee for putting work on the platform. Artists will take 90% of the ticket revenue and, most importantly, remain visible and powerful while avenues to present work in theatres, galleries, venues and at festivals remain limited. We call on all our fans to support them and see the shows!

“I would like to extend my deep and heartfelt thanks to all our sponsors, partners, board and team members that have taken this virtual journey with me; I am so proud of what we have achieved in an unbelievably short time. A very special thank you must also go to all of our audiences as well for supporting us, cheering us on and for your patience when we needed it. Thank you everyone – let’s hope that we see you in Makhanda again soon!

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