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Thursday, September 10, 2020


(Tony Cox)

Deadline: October 1, 2020

Acclaimed South African guitarist Tony Cox is on a mission to get his family to the UK.

He explains: “There is a very straight-forward reason for this. It all has to do with the fact that I am now 66 years old with zero pension and zero savings. The life of a mildly successful musician has allowed me to put a roof over our heads and pay the bills. Although my wife Debra says I am a workaholic, it is never enough and saving for a rainy day is just a dream.

“Covid19 came along to highlight just how vulnerable my young family is with me being the only bread-winner. My wife Debra is a 2nd year law student and is our insurance for the future should I become incapacitated in any way. It was decided that it was more important for her to study than go out and work here in SA because she would earn just a stipend that would not be enough to pay the crèche we would have to put our boy into.

“However, in the UK, Debra can earn a living wage and still have the flexibility to continue her law studies. It is this that will make a massive difference to our lives. Added benefits are, access to medical services and education for our children. If I get sick or cannot work for any reason in the UK, I know the family will continue and still have a roof over their heads and food to eat. If something happens to me in SA, my beloved family will have nowhere to go and no resources.”

Cox has put together a Thundafund to help him meet the major costs of getting to the UK. There is now a large NHS surcharge for all visa applicants. The fund has 15 days to run. His target is $6,000 and he currently has $2,280. That leaves a balance of $3,720 that he must gather otherwise the entire project will fail.

The link for the Thundafund is: pledges start from just $15 and there are many rewards.

The much-needed money is required before October 1, 2020. (NHS surcharge increases by 53% after October 1)

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