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Friday, October 2, 2020


Booking Deadline: October 3, 2020

DUT's Drama and Production Studies Department is proud to present, Consenting Silence, written and directed by Verne Rowin Munsamy. It is showcasing at the Courtyard Theatre on October 5 and 6 at 19h00. The play is a stand against the culture of rape and navigates the challenges that culture further places on victims of forced brutality.

The story is based on the actual gang rape of a woman on a bus in India in 2013, where people watched and remained silent while six men took turns to rape this victim, Damini. Our lead actress is so named but dwell not on the doom and gloom for this show, in all its Bollywood glory, gives us celebration, rivalry, lust, love, friendship and disrupts outdated customs. This two hour epic exemplifies the style of Bollywood cinema to bring dances, love triangles and myriad costume changes to the stage.

The ensemble is made up of 3rd year, exit-level students who are eager to reveal what their diploma has prepared them for, a step towards the professional industry. The characters are all archetypes of Bollywood as we represent the innocent but devoted heroine and hero, Damini and Manish; the ruthless villain, Ajith; the nurturing Naani and unyielding Patriarchal Papa. The Sidekick roles offer much needed humour with the ditsy Laali, Prema the eunick and Ernest the foreigner who offers an outside view of events. The Narrator is a manifestation of Lord Ganesha who is reciting the story to two young boys Suhail and Devin.

The plot unravels the epic love story of Damini and Manish, with many twists and turns but stays true to Bollywood fashion with a happy ending that sees justice served for all. Amidst the storyline are eight distinguished dances that lift the storyline at pertinent points. This show is a reprise of the original show from 2013 but by no means second-best. The cast is doubled, so each night features a new batch of enthusiastic youngsters drowning themselves in the melodrama of Bollywood, while tackling pertinent social issues.

Patrons are cordially invited to witness this stand against the culture of rape and revel in the glory that is Bollywood. RSVP to by October 3, 2020, to reserve a seat. Tickets are limited as we observe Covid 19 regulations.