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Friday, October 2, 2020


(A work in progress from Engblom’s new cookbook - not finished - titled “The Epicurean Witch”)

Blond Zulu is the title of an exhibition celebrating the life and works of the late Peter Engblom which opens at 11h00 tomorrow (October 3, 2020) at Phansi Museum in Glenwood.

Ntomb'Yelanga NabaLimi will be leading in the music spirit. All musicians and friends of Engblom are welcome to bring their beats for an open jam session.

Musician Barry Thomson has helped curate the exhibition. “I worked quite extensively with Peter over the last four and a half months up in Eshowe. I brought the remainder of his art and personal belongings down to Phansi Museum today and we are having an exhibition of his work,” he explains.

“We’ve tried to recreate part of his bedroom and part of his workshop. I brought some of his tools, I brought the things he was working on – all little things that he held precious as well as his bookshelf with all his books. It is quite a little story of his life and I think it is going to be a fascinating exhibition.”

Daily Dosage coffee will have coffee, cake and tea. BYO meat for the Shisa Nyama, Phansi will supply pap and other side dishes. Balungile will be ready to supply refreshment requests.

Blond Zulu will run for a week at Phansi before it is taken down and shipped to Engblom’s sister in Tulbach. Other works will go back to the George Hotel in Eshowe where Engblom lived. He designed some of the hotel and its beautiful bar.

Phansi Museum is situated at 500 Esther Roberts Road, Glenwood, in Durban. Contact the museum on 031 206 2889 or email or visit

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