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Saturday, October 17, 2020


Howard and the Orchestra
is the first in the ‘Howard and Thandi’ series of books introducing children to the performing arts. 

All books are written by Charon Williams-Ros, illustrated by Greg King and narrated by Tim Wells.

Just when Howard thought his birthday couldn’t get any worse, his embarrassing grandmother insisted on taking him to listen to the orchestra! But, sometimes, the best surprises hide in the most unexpected places. Join Howard and his best friend, Thandi, on an exciting journey into the world of music.

Book Two: Thandi’s Song is due for release in the last week of November and leads young readers into the world of singing.

Books Three and Four see Howard and Thandi tackle dance and drama, and Book Five brings all the disciplines together when both Howard and Thandi star in the school theatre production.

In each book, fun new characters take young readers behind the scenes and out again, into the world of performance.

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