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Sunday, February 14, 2021


(Greg King. Pic by Val Adamson)

Today for Publicity Matters’ Valentine’s Day creative, they connect with Greg King in their Love the Arts feature.

Greg King, together with his partner Steven Stead run KickstArt Theatre Productions. He magics up the most incredible set designs, blowing away audiences, time and time again. He wows KickstArt fans with his delightful costume designs. Occasionally helms a production, taking up the roles of producer and director and on the rarest of opportunities finds himself in front of the audience - on stage.

Over to him…

I had such fun! I wanted my shoot to reflect how I felt after a year of enforced, abruptly-halted creativity ... but coming out to play with brilliant, gorgeous Val Adamson, she gently conjured the whole thing into something brighter, more hopeful and positive than I could imagine, and left me feeling that way, too.

Here are my answers: The thing I love most about live theatre is the living, breathing, thoughtful communion between actor and audience. To me, that experience, when it really works, is as spiritually uplifting as prayer.

We had a brief reminder of it, in our production of Sylvia in October last year. Regular spells of inexplicable happy crying for all involved.

In 2021, I wish for a better show than 2020 ... a new script, some clear, sensible direction, a better design would be nice, too, and no shortage of champagne at the interval!

If I could work with anyone, anywhere….? There are so many brilliant creatives to choose from, but right now I'd go straight back to work with my own creative community.  "There's no place like home!"

I'm most proud of the work we did on the big musicals ... Sweeney, Into the Woods, Camelot. They are also the most challenging. Sometimes I can't believe we actually did them... feels like a distant, lost world.