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Sunday, February 14, 2021


(Pavishen Paideya. Pic by Val Adamson)

Publicity Matters’ 12th Love the Arts feature is with birthday boy, Pavishen Paideya.

Paideya has danced his way into many a dance audience’s heart over the years. He became a professional dancer nine years ago and performs tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, Spanish, kathak and Bollywood - oh and he choreographs, too. Especially over the last year, he has been exploring more choreography, boldly being more creative.

His lockdown started with planning a show for his Bollywood company, Rudra Dance Theatre. He used his time to sew and finish some of the costumes – on his grandfather’s sewing machine (pictured above). His grandfather, a traditional tailor taught him, so now sewing and making costumes has just become another part of the things he does and enjoys doing. Especially bright and colourful Indian and Bollywood costumes.

With 11 Shall We Dance Durban productions under his belt, he says. “I’m not sure if I have a specific memory that really stands out. I try to make every performance like it’s the first and last and enjoy it in the moment. There are a few I wouldn’t mind forgetting, though.”

What do you love about performing?

Being on stage. The atmosphere. The excitement. The hard work of rehearsals followed by the sense of satisfaction, Achievement and pride when that particular piece is performed.

When did you last perform live?

On Heritage Day 2020

What is your wish for 2021?

My wish for 2022 is I hope 2021 is more productive and fruitful year to set up 2022 as a more successful year.

He is pictured at the beautiful Holland House B & B in Morningside.