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Saturday, February 27, 2021


(Above: John Didlick, Grant Bell & Marion Loudon)

“Love Shack” is a fun-filled, happy event performed by three equally talented, beautiful people.  (Review by Adrienne Botha)

Being February, it came as no surprise that the ever-popular Gee Jays chose to weave the evergreen thread of love through their brand new show called Love Shack which is being presented by Rhumbelow Durban.

Grant Bell, sophisticated and a little on the serious side, Marion Loudon, glamorous and beautiful, and John Didlick, with a glint in his eye and a trick up his sleeve - are all highly experienced, very talented performers, and Love Shack is set to entertain and delight audiences of all sizes with nothing less than polished performances and a fun-filled experience.

A love medley was the perfect start to the evening with all three performers on stage and Marion’s mesmerising rendition of Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer filled the room. Way back in 1970, Edison Lighthouse’s Love Grows (where my Rosemary Goes) became a world hit and is still a favourite of many. In a later movie love medley, Grant singing Lionel Richie’s Say You Say Me had the audience in his lap. His obvious love of singing and ability to connect with the audience shone through.

Moving away from medleys, Marion promised the audience some eye candy in the form and “shape” of a guest appearance by two of the “original members” of the Chippendales. The guests did not disappoint in their leopard-skin waistcoats, hats, cuffs and bowties and the speed at which they discarded them! I’m Too Sexy and To All The Girls accompanied the hilarity.

Love is All Around (Wet Wet Wet) brought Grant and John together harmonising perfectly as did Up Where We Belong (Joe Cocker, Jennifer Warnes) which produced a pleasing sound combination from Marion and John and an enthusiastic audience who also clapped and sang as Grant sang Can’t Take my Eyes off You (Frankie Vallie 1967) moving into the audience and looking very suave in a black suit.

In 1955, Unchained Melody was penned, but the best known version was recorded in 1965 by the Righteous Brothers. It is a song that touches the soul, and John’s excellent performance of this song touched our souls. With his humorous side left in the dressing room, the passion he displayed whilst performing this song was palpable and captured the heart of the audience.

Love Shack is a fun-filled, happy event performed by three equally talented, beautiful people. 

Credit must surely be given to the skilled sound and lighting specialists whose work enhanced our enjoyment of the show, and admiration for Roland Stansell who, with sheer determination and guts, has kept live theatre going amidst extremely trying times.

Love Shack has one more performance at Rhumbelow Durban tomorrow (Sunday February 28, 2021). However, this is already sold out!

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