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Saturday, February 27, 2021


(Cue Ngema & Sesesuth Magalela)

"My dream got in the way of our dream" - review by Siza Ka Mnisi Mthembu

TholuThando (Finding love) created and directed by Menzi Mkhwane, premiered at the Durban Music School on February 25, 2021, at 18h00.

As one enters the performance space, the audience is welcomed by the beautiful playing of pianist Tyson Shezi. The white chairs are neatly placed on stage and serve as a set and backdrop. These white chairs are complemented by audience chairs carefully arranged while observing social distancing. There is a red floorcloth on centre stage. A clothing rail is placed slightly upstage with various costumes and set pieces that the three performers use.

The mood is calm, full of harmonious ambiance. Love is in the air.

TholuThando is set in uMthatha where a very young couple Nkanyiso Magwaza, played by Cue Ngema and Nolwazi Magwaza played by Sesethu Magalela. Both these actors take us on a journey of dreams, love and passion through dance, music and dialogue. Nkanyiso has a dream of being a dancer and therefore needs to go to Durban for an audition. He leaves his wife behind who is financially struggling but their love gives them hope for a better future.

Director Menzi Mkhwane must be congratulated for an excellent use of space, blocking character development. Menzi used imagination while creating inventiveness. He is fast becoming the most important director, entrepreneur, producer, preserver of theatre and employer. Menzi has not given up on the arts and its development, even during these trying times.

Theatre is the most affected industry by Covid 19, however the likes of Menzi and others have strived for a better theatre world that would be fully supported by the government.

Menzi uses theatre to bring hope, and love through a musical dance.

Notable performance goes to Ayanda Nxumalo who supported the production with her outstanding musical talent. While being Nkanyiso's voice of reason. She comes in and out of stage using different entrances. She was well-connected spiritually and emotionally. She has a great singing voice.

The production also touched on themes like how theatre and church were affected by this pandemic. This was evident in the various church scenes where characters would find comfort.

Nkanyiso could not get into the drama school. He came back with a broken leg and broken dreams. Their love kept them together. Their love made them forgive each other.

Lighting was by Mancane Dlamini.

The team must be congratulated for an excellent production of TholuThando.

TholuThando has two more performances at the Durban Music School (31b Diakonia Avenue, Durban) today February 27 at 14h00 and 18h00; and tomorrow February at 14h00 and 18h00. Tickets R100 per person and R180 couples. Limited seating arrangement and Covid 19 protocol are observed.

For more information and booking contact 079 554 4941. - Siza Ka Mnisi Mthembu